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Find out more about the 2015 Tour!

We preserved the moment in pictures…and video, too!  Click here to check out informative videos - and more - from the tour.

2015 Pre-tour Social Event - Mall of America

2015 Conservation in Action Tour

Pollinators, Sustainability and Land Conservation at the Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA) Farm

Click here to see video from the HAFA Farm.


Soil Health, Nutrient Management and Cover Crops at the Far-Gaze Farms

Conservation Expo and Lunch at Legvold Farm

Reduced Tillage, Soil Health and Drainage Water Management at the Legvold Farm

Click here to see video from Dave Legvold's Farm.


Rotational Grazing and Pasture Management at the Maring Farm

Animal Health, Conservation and Lagoon Establishment/Maintenance at Burfeind Dairy Farm

Click here to see video from Burfeind Dairy.