CTIC Seeks Communications and Outreach Manager

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CTIC is in search of an experienced Communications and Outreach Manager to help us spread the message of conservation agriculture. This position works collaboratively with senior leadership to oversee organizational messaging and member services and to develop and implement communication strategies that broaden the impact of our programs.
The Communications and Outreach Manager:
  • Develops and delivers communications/information materials
  • Contributes to communications strategies that will broaden CTIC’s reach and impact
  • Represents CTIC and its members as effective advocates for conservation issues
  • Publicizes the activities of the organization, its programs and goals
Click here to download the complete job description.

Interested in applying?

Email your cover letter and resume by December 15 to:


Or drop your cover letter and resume in the mail by December 15 to:
     Chad Watts, Executive Director
     Conservation Technology Information Center
     3495 Kent Avenue, Suite L100
     West Lafayette, IN 47906
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