A Review of BMPs for Managing Crop Nutrients and Conservation Tillage to Improve Water Quality

This publication will review research on nutrient management BMPs for the two nutrients of major concern, Nitrogen and Phosphorus, with an emphasis on integrating BMPs with conservation tillage.


Better Soil Recipe

It has been said that the average person consumes over a bushel of dirt in their lifetime. Doesn't sound too appetizing, does it? Although it takes a long time to build real soil, you can make a fun visual representation of soil in a few minutes.


Better Soil, Better Yields

This publication serves as a guidebook to improving soil organic matter
and infiltration using continuous no-till.


Conservation Tillage and Plant Biotechnology: How New Technologies Can Improve the Environment By Reducing the Need to Plow

Introduces and outlines environmental benefits of conservation tillage, while highlighting trends that like biotechnology with conservation tillage.

Economic Benefits with Environmental Protection

Explores many of the challenges, opportunities management tactics and successful marketing efforts that helped shape promotion of conservation in the Great Lakes watershed and North Central region.

CTIC's new publication, Facilitating Conservation Farming Practices and Enhancing Environmental Sustainability with Agricultural Biotechnology.

This publication explores the breadth of the environmental benefits of conservation tillage practices, which are facilitated significantly by biotechnology crops. Access the full document or executive summary to learn about the dramatic improvements in environmental sustainability and productivity over the past several years.


Getting Paid for Stewardship: An Agricultural Community Water Quality Trading Guide

This guide introduces the elements that are key to the trading process, noting critical questions to keep in mind as you go. References for additional information are also included.


USDA Natural Resources Credit Trading Reference

Credit trading guide for conservation specialists. Learn the basics of credit trading; the features of an efficient environmental market; how to form efficent and effective markets; how credit trading integrates with federal, state and privately supported conservation programs; and how to make environmental credit markets work effectively in agriculture. 


Wetlands: A Component of an Integrated Farming Operation

This document explores some of the
basics of wetland protection and restoration.


Wetlands: A More Profitable Alternative?

CTIC tells the story of 10 operations around the country
that have restored wetlands on their agricultural property...
and have reaped environmental and economic benefits.