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A Watershed Approach to Urban Runoff: Handbook for Decisionmakers Guide

The watershed management approach to assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating, with an overview of assessment and management tools.This text provides detailed insights into structural and non-structural best management practices and sample site plans. Produced by the Terrene Institute in conjunction with EPA Region 5 (1996, 115 pages).


Conservation Tillage Systems and Management Handbook

The 29 chapters not only cover a broad range of topics, but the authors represent all regions of the United States. The right book for those with a basic understanding of conservation tillage who want to expand their technical knowledge.




No Tillage Book

No Tillage: The relationship between no tillage, crop residues, plants and soil nutrition

In his second book on no-till farming, Chilean farmer Carlos Crovetto has delved into the inner workings of the soil and meticulously explained the relationship between no-till, crop residues, soil nutrition and crop production.





No-Till Farming Systems

The highly anticipated World Association of Soil and Water Conservation - Special Publication No. 3 - No-Till Farming Systems book has been released in the United States. As co-publisher, CTIC is honored to be the designated U.S. distributor.

"No-till farming systems have been developed and applied around the world over several decades. The technology is dynamic: it develops and changes as we overcome obstacles in soil opening, seed placement, fertilizer banding and more..."
Book is sold with companion CD or CD can be purchased separately. ($10 for CD only)



An interactive computer game that delivers information on non-point source pollution in a   fast-paced and entertaining format. Appealing for audiences of all ages, it teaches fundamental concepts about non-point source pollution prevention measures in a farm, city, and neighborhood setting. Point and click screens that move and have sound help players learn how day-to-day decisions can affect the water quality of lakes and streams.


The Living Landscape

An interactive computer game that takes learners of all ages through various best management and conservation practices to turn a rundown farm and landscape into an environmental showplace! Point and click on various areas of the farm to answer related multiple choice questions. With each correct answer the farm scape changes to show the improvement made (complete with sound effects!). Once you make it through the set of questions correctly, the farm is set in motion with animation. A learning tool that's downright fun! Developed jointly for CTIC by our public and private sector partners.


Conservation Agriculture Carbon Offset Consultation

This CD contains materials prepared for the Conservation Agriculture Carbon Offset Consultation, presented by CTIC and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on Oct. 28-30, 2008. Included are: agenda, welcome letter from U.S. Senator Richard Lugar, presentations and full papers by invited experts, speaker biographies and additional materials. The issue statement and action framework developed by Consultation delegates are also included.


Urban Stream Restoration Field Manual

This manual contains urban stream rehabilitation techniques, measured in-stream enhancements of fisheries, habitat, and bethnos, fluvial geomorphic analysis of streams and resulting effects of watershed and stream alterations, and rural applications of the selected stream rehabilitation techniques. These are all described using a straight-forward approach. The manual is full color and 143-pages.


Watershed Management Starter Kit

This complete kit includes seven guides (Getting to Know Your Watershed, Building Local Partnerships, Putting Together a Watershed Management Plan, Managing Conflict, Leading and Communicating, and two others), a 13-minute dvd video (Partnerships for Watersheds), companion brochure and an application to the National Watershed Network. In other words, it includes everything you need to get started!